Overload the plus operator in C#

This C# code snippet overloads the plus (+) operator to allow the addition of two objects.

public class ValidFloat
   private float value;
   private bool  valid;

   public ValidFloat (float value, bool valid)
      this.value = value;
      this.valid = valid;

   public static ValidFloat operator+ (ValidFloat vf1, ValidFloat vf2)
      return new ValidFloat (vf1.value + vf2.value, vf1.valid & vf2.valid);

   public static void Main( )
      ValidFloat vf1 = new ValidFloat ( 1.1f, true);
      ValidFloat vf2 = new ValidFloat ( 2.2f, false);
      ValidFloat vf3 = vf1 + vf2;
      Console.WriteLine ("Value = " + vf3.value + " Valid: " + vf3.valid);


About Saad Khan

Saad is an ASP.NET developer with 4 years of experience, and has also made a number of contributions to the Sitefinity marketplace and community. He loves to explore new code, and create innovative tools and procedures while exploring new approaches in his work with Sitefinity and MVC. As an experienced .NET developer, he frequents both Telerik and Microsoft technologies. In his spare time, Saad is an avid gamer and movie fanatic, and also experiments with new and interesting tools on the Microsoft platform.​​

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